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Dexster & Cricket

Winter 2023

OFTW Echobrook Dexster


Rio Ranch Next Leap Forward CD RE DM AS SDE SDC ETD RATS MH WCX ** 


For pictures, please browse through the album show below.   Puppy pedigree on k9data 

We are thrilled to announce this planned breeding and thank Jacqui Crew from the UK for the opportunity to breed Dexster to Cricket.    


Our goal for this breeding is to produce intelligent versatile retrievers that are structurally sound, athletic, biddable and wonderful family hunting companions that could compete in many performance venues including field, obedience, agility, tracking etc. , SAR. 

Both Dexster and Cricket have a lot to offer, they are very focused, biddable, lots of drive to retrieve, strong water dogs, fun loving personalities and solid Golden temperaments.  Paired together, these should be some fun puppies for experienced homes, we are very excited!  The puppy pedigree has a very low inbreeding coefficient and is a wonderful blend of field and performance Goldens from two continents.    


Information about Dexster from his owner Jacqui Crew; "Dexster really is a dog in a lifetime – he has been my friend and companion and has given me so much pleasure with his wonderful temperament and biddability which has made training with him such fun and a pleasure.  He has wonderful dark coloring and pigmentation and is truly an incredible dog.  Dexster has won 28 OPEN TESTS, many TOP DOG awards and been in winning teams.  In 2015 he won 5 open tests, 2 of which were sugar beet opens to name a few: he won Windsor in 2013 against 160 dogs and then came second in 2014.  He was Top dog at URC Area Finals in 2015, Top dog at Southern Inter-Club match, Top Marking dog at Burleigh in 2014, winning team at Inter Counties 2014, Top dog at Southern Inter-Club 2015 and Top Dog at Inter Counties 2016.  He has won 16 FT awards including qualifying for the Championships in 2012 and 2015.  He always wants to please, and he really has an incredible brain and memory.  There are times when I just stand back and watch him with awe and wonder how on earth, he did what he did.
  His offspring are proving to be very talented in Europe, UK and Australia, all have good bone and temperament and they have earned multiple Field Trial awards, FTCH in Europe and Championship titles in Australia.  In Oct 2022, his son won the National Obed Championship in Australia.  Dexster has been awarded the Alison Nairn Stud Dog Progeny Cup for dog whose progeny has won most points at Field Championship Shows and Trials in 2020.  He was also awarded The FT Ch. Mazurka of Wynford Stud Dog Cup for the dog whose progeny has gained most points at FT's during 2019 & 2020. 

Dexster lives in the house with many other dogs including his two sons, sleeps on my lap, comes riding with me, picks up 3 times a week.  Nothing phases Dexster and his calmness and level head is quite extraordinary, but he still has such a turn of speed.  This boy really is a wonder dog, and I am privileged to have him in my life.  Dexster turned 13 years old this year and still has the drive to pick up.

Please visit Dexster's Webpage at ReeveCrew Gun Dogs.

Information about Cricket can be found on her page on this website; Cricket's page  

Dexster's Clearances listed below &  Cricket's Clearances OFA Website

Both Dexster and Cricket have Hip Clearances - Dexster BVA 6:3 & Cricket OFA Excellent.  Both have Normal Elbow screenings with BVA or OFA, Normal Eye Exams, Normal Heart clearances, Normal thyroid function, not on any medications, no skin allergies, seizures or other auto-immune disorders.  Genetics; Both Dexster & Cricket are NCL Clear,  ICT Clear, PRA-1 Clear, Cricket PRA-Prcd Clear, Dexster PRA-2 Clear.

Dexster pics

Cricket pics

Echobrook Dexster Health Clearances 

      Breed:              Golden Retriever
     Breeder:                      Ron Taylor
     DOB:               19th August 2009
     KC Reg No:             AK03863901
     KC Stud No:                  2499CW
     Hip Score: 6:3
     Elbow Score: 0:0
     Eyes: MRD/  CPRA/GPRA/HC/  clear
     Tested clear: 2010,11,12,13,14,15,& 2017 &2018       
     PRA 1 & 2 CLEAR - tested at Laboklin
     Heart Tested   Pass 
     Ichthoysis Non carrier tested at Laboklin
     Show graded  FCI "EXCELLENT" 
     Epilepsy - tested clear     
     DNA Profiling for puppies available - by Laboklin
     NCL (neoronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis)- CLEAR

Dexster Health Clearances
Echobrook Dexster award Excellent
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