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Rio's Kern River BrewN Trouble TD JH WC Am WC CCA


(Neversink's Road To Belvedere MH CCA *** OS x TCH Rio's Likah Bird On A Wire JH WCX OD Can JH WCX AGN AGNJ RA VCI)

Born April 8, 2012

full pedigree on  k9data

clearances listed on OFA database 


     Brew is a talented hunting dog, energizer bunny and easy going house companion all wrapped up in one smart and fun loving retriever.   She possesses a natural hunting ability, soft mouth, a very deep nose to find and retrieve down game and can hold a solid point on upland birds. (you would never have known she was a puppy on her first hunting trip)       

     Brew is a strong water dog and takes to going on swim abouts in honor of her Uncle Chase in ponds or in the ocean.  She blows bubbles in the water bowl, dunks her head under water and takes to diving after ducks.  Her nick name is Pogo since she easily jumps to meet us eye to eye.  We look forward to an incredible journey every day with this girl, she has a ton of heart and a very cheeky playful personality just like her dam Likah.  

As a house companion she is great with company, children, settles easily and is not needy.  Brew is very comfortable lying at your feet or close by, she does like to be close to her owners at all times.  She has been and amazing dam, grandma and aunt to puppies.  

     Brew has a wonderful Golden expression, pleasing head, medium eye and correct scissors bite, no missing teeth and excellent pigment, (doesn't fade in winter months).  She stands 21 1/2 tall and weighs 63lb, is very muscled, in excellent working condition and jumps effortlessly.  She has very good foot timing, no roll, rock solid topline and is very balanced front and rear.  She carries a drip dry coat with slight wave, good undercoat and decent length of feathering for a hunting retriever.  She has good bone, decent length of neck, moderate layback, good tail set & carraige with a slight curl to the right.    


     Her pedigree is full of outstanding producers and multipurpose Goldens that have been top competitors in their time and excelled in multiple venues.  Her dam Likah was a Tracking Champion and GRCA outstanding dam, her sire Trooper is a QAA Master Hunter and GRCA outstanding sire.  Her siblings have excelled in multiple venues including the only Golden in the US to earn an AKC Dock Diving Elite title (jumping 26ft), the youngest Golden to pass the AKC MNH in 2014, QAA, MH, and many other titles and hunting accomplishments.  Her grandsire Sabre is the only Golden in 30 plus yrs to have an Am Show Championship and All Age Field trial points, stealing our hearts and bridging the gap between field & show.   Her grandsire Maverick also excelled in field trials, hunt tests and conformation when he went BVOS at a Golden Specialty in the US the same week he jammed the Open, Qualifying and got an MH leg!.  

    She has produced 2 wonderful litters; the Rain Litter and the Pub Litter.  We are very excited to watch her pups and grand pups grow up. 

Brew 9 bday duck
Brew launch2
Brew rooster retrieve
Brew water retrieve
Brew 9th birthday
Brew point
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