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Rio's BrewN Bodega MH WC *** Am WCX **


(Vesterlyng's Token Of Clyde x Rio's Kern River BrewN Trouble TD JH WC Am WC)

Born June 25, 2017

full pedigree on  k9data


     Dega is the one and only boy from our Pub Litter (Clyde & Brew).   He has grown up to be a very handsome well-balanced, athletic, working Golden Retriever, measuring 24” at the withers and weighing 75 pounds.  He has a striking  head with soft expression,  dark eyes, good ear set, jet black pigment, scissors bite and no missing teeth but 1 extra incisor.  He has good length of neck with a rock solid topline.  He is very balanced front to rear with good angles, correct tail set and carriage. Structurally sound, this boy can cover ground effortlessly in the field and he hits the water hard.  


Dega is a very biddable boy, he always tries to please and he also loves to always carry something in his mouth.  His job in the house is to pick up all the dog bowls and help carry in the groceries.  He has been a wonderful boy to train, always eager to retrieve and he loves his birds.  When hunting he is fast, focused and scoops birds very quickly.  He is tenacious on runners and has no hesitation to get into the thickest of cover. 

Dega earned his CKC WC and CKC Senior Hunt going 4 for 4.  In 2021/2 he finished his CKC Master Title going 5 straight and has 2 legs towards his GMH.  We also ran 4 Qualifying Field Trials and he earned a 2nd, 3rd and two JAMS.  Finishing every Qual we entered.  I love being the person by his side and very proud to go to line with this boy.  Dega continues to train for MH and Qual. 

Dega's pedigree is pretty unique.  His dam Brew combines exceptional field, obedience and performance pedigrees from North America and his sire Clyde is a beautiful boy from Denmark with both field trial and show dogs behind him.   

We are exited to announce we have kept a Dega x Canoe female puppy named Chip and looking forward to a wonderful journey with one of his offspring.  

Dega gr water
20 Dega
18 Dega Rooster 2
19 Dega Sharpie
Dega walk on water
Dega rooster
Dega & pheasants McCaullay
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