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As members of the GRCC, GRCA and GRCBC, we follow these breed club's code of ethics and the lead of conscientious breeders striving to produce healthy sound Goldens that conform to the Golden Retriever Standard.  Temperament, health, longevity and hunting ability are our number one priorities.  Our Goldens are first and foremost our best friends, hunting buddies and full time house companions.  

When we do have a litter, it may be raised with Barb Loree in Black Creek BC on Vancouver Island or with our co-owners.    We have entered into co-ownerships with breeder friends and some of our puppy owners who share the same dream for the ideal hunting companion, healthy Golden Retriever. We do not believe any Golden should live in a kennel environment, we believe in the same breeding  philosophy and share the same dream for healthy, sound, athletic representatives of the breed. 


When looking for a puppy please remember - these are active hunting retrievers that should have a fairly high level of energy, good prey drive, be confident, alert and eager to please and also able to settle in the house and family environment when they are older (a good off-switch).  They should not be hyper or reactive (which can sometimes be mistaken for drive and energy).   The philosophy we share is to look for longevity, low in-breeding co-efficient (out crossing as much as possible going back 5 generations at least ) in the pedigree and prospective parents should have all their clearances (hip, elbow, heart, eyes done yearly & no autoimmune issues) sound temperaments and good structure.  We do not believe in breeding just to win titles in any particular venue and we do not believe in breeding to over used popular stud dogs.  

Our future puppy plans are listed below and please remember these are only planned breedings, until we have a confirmed pregnancy there is no guarantee puppies will even be available.   We do not ship puppies on their own, all new prospective puppy parents must make arrangements to pick up their puppy.  We are very excited about these pairings and expect good looking / working / hunting retrievers that could excel at top competition levels in multiple venues.  All pups are raised in the home with early neurological stimulation between 3 - 17 days, socialization with children, adults, other dogs and introduced to birds, starter pistols, collars, leashes, crates, sherpa bags, puppy agility obstacles, water (weather permitting), puppy walks, clicker training, whistle commands and they are naturally weaned by the dam. 

We will accept a few puppy applications from experienced working homes, hunting homes and active experienced pet homes until the puppies are whelped then we will post availability.   (check back for updates and pictures).  

Litter listings may appear below from our breeder friends who share the same dedication to the this breed.

Upcoming Breedings...         More hunting buddies on the way.

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