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     About Remy from his owners John & Diana:  "He is an incredible hunting dog (both waterfowl & upland) and deer trailer.  Fast, focused and biddable.  Remy has a very soft mouth yet scoops up game on the run and runs back as fast as he goes out.   Whether he is chasing bumpers in the backyard, or retrieving a duck in the field, he is always at top speed with a flying U-turn pickup.  He is a strong, remarkable athlete, excellent marker and talented, focused tracker.   Remy is well muscled, and has a very handsome masculine head.  He has always had perfect health. He is totally self-confident, yet never tries to dominate in any situation.  He is willing, biddable and has an amazing work ethic.  He has a good on-off switch in the house and very affectionate.  He is clean, never destructive, and secure of his place in the hierarchy. 


Remy is everything we wanted in a Golden.” 


 Remy has a wonderful Golden expression, pleasing head, dark eye and correct scissors bite, no missing teeth and very good pigment.  He stands just shy of 24” tall at the withers, weighs 78lbs, is in great working condition and has wonderful athleticism and speed.  He carries a quick dry wavy coat with good undercoat and decent length of feathering for a hunting retriever.  He has good bone, powerful front, good length of neck, strong topline and excellent tail set & carriage.  


Remy’s pedigree combines exceptional field, obedience and performance pedigrees with really good longevity in direct descendants.  He has produced 2 litters most recently the Soda Litter (Remy x Gin) and we are exited to watch those pups grow up. 

Remy hunt
Remy water go
Remy blow bubbles
Remy water launch
Remy hunt water

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Country of origin:Canada

Country of residence: Comox BC Canada

Registration:CKC YA398249  AKC SR69171103

Breeder:Barbara Loree & Cathie Hay

Owner:John Hutchinson & Diana Hamilton

Microchip/Tattoo #956000002698786

Hip clearance:OFA GR-107702G25M-VPI

Eye clearance:OFA GR-EYE7542/65M-PI

Heart clearance:OFA GR-CA27353/45M/C-VPI

Elbow clearance:OFA GR-EL28317M25-VPI

Thyroid clearance:OFA GR-TH2383/25M-VPI

prcd-PRA status:by parentage Clear

PRA1 status:by parentage Clear

Ichthyosis status:by parentage Carrier

NCL status:Clear GR-CL5-944/96M-PI OFA

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