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Fig Newton

Fig is a handsome well-balanced, athletic, working Golden Retriever, measuring 23.5” at the withers and weighing 72 pounds.  He has a lovely head with soft expression, medium brown eyes, good ear set, dark pigment, scissors bite and no missing teeth.  He has good length of neck, strong front and rock solid topline.  He is very balanced front to rear with good angles, correct tail set and carriage. Structurally sound, agile in the field, Fig is a true example of a good-looking working Golden Retriever!


As a puppy Fig started out a SAR career with his owner Flynn Lamont but his training was sadly cut short when Flynn was diagnosed with cancer and passed away when Fig was only 10 months old.  Fig went to live with Jason and started a new career in the field as Jason's hunting buddy and hunt test dog.  He was a quick learner and loved the game.  Fig earned his GRCA WC, AKC Junior Hunt, AKC Senior Hunt and 2 AKC Master Hunt passes before he turned 2 years of age.  He also was entered in the Derby at the GRCA National and earned a JAM.  Pretty impressive record with just 12 months of training.  Jason started a new family and also started his own company so they have been away from the Hunt Test game for the last few years but are still training on occasion and Jason hopes to be able to travel to the US and finish up that Master Hunt title one day with Fig.   

Fig currently resides with 4 other Golden Retrievers, Jason, Holly and toddler Liam.  He is a wonderful hunting companion, hits the water hard, tackles heavy cover and handles runners with ease. 

Fig’s pedigree combines exceptional field, obedience and performance pedigrees with really good longevity in direct descendants.  He has produced 2 litters and we are exited to watch those pups grow up. 

Fig shoreline
Fig Rooster
Fig Rooster and Carmen
Fig return goose

Natural, Side by side AI, Fresh Chilled & Frozen Available

Country of origin:Canada

Country of residence: Canada

Registration:CKC CG612725

Breeder:Barbara Loree

Owner: Barbara Loree & Jason Docherty

Microchip/Tattoo #956000004566962

Hip clearance:OFA GR-119292G25M-VPI

Eye clearance:OFA GR-EYE16920/45M-VPI (2/19)

Heart clearance:OFA GR-CA31302/19M/C-VPI

Elbow clearance:OFA GR-EL39062M25-VPI

Thyroid clearance:OFA GR-TH3302/25M-VPI

Dentition clearance:Full

prcd-PRA status:Paw Print Carrier

PRA1 status:Paw Print Clear

PRA2 status:Paw Print Clear

Ichthyosis status:Paw Print Clear

DM status:Paw Print Clear

NCL status:Clear GR-CL5-1539/45M-PI OFA

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