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Born November 15, 2018

Pedigree     OFA Clearances 

Owned & loved by Annette Caspar, Co-owned Barb Loree


Ms Yellow from our Leap Litter (Sparks & Gin).  Owned and loved by Annette Caspar, Cricket is a very talented, super biddable, high energy focused young Golden.   They are an incredible team, and she has the trainability to title in multiple venues at a very young age.  Cricket earned her CKC Master Hunt Title in 2021 and earned an additional 8 legs "in a row" towards her Grand Master Hunt Title in just one year.  She was GRCBC Field Dog of the Year and Ambassador Award in 2020 after earning a 2nd and 4th placement in CKC Junior (Derby) Field Trials.  She is very fast on land and water, excellent marking skills and runs nice lines on blinds.  I have had the pleasure of training with Annette and Cricket and she is team player with a ton of heart and the energy to work or hunt all day long.  Annette works full time as a teacher and they only train for field in the summer months yet have been able to accomplish so much together.  When they are not training in the field they are adventuring into many other sports.  Cricket  earned her CD tile in obedience with a high in trial, high in class, she also excels in Rally, Agility, Dock Diving, Scent Detection and Barn Hunt.  She is such a playful fun loving girl who gets along with all dogs, loves puppies & kids and their journey has only begun.  In the home Cricket lives with her beloved older Golden Maisie and she settles easily in the house with a great on/off switch.  She also is a cuddle bug and can be found snuggled with Maisie or helping Annette on her computer or on the couch watching TV.


Cricket has a sweet Golden expression, pleasing head, dark eye and correct scissors bite and her pigment is good (her nose fades slightly in winter months).  She stands 22 3/4 tall and weighs 55lb, is very muscled, in excellent working condition and jumps effortlessly.  She has an athletic build and is very fast in the field and in agility with good length of leg under her.  She trots effortlessly with very good foot timing, no roll, rock solid topline and is very balanced.  She carries a drip dry coat with slight wave, good undercoat and moderate length of feathering for a hunting retriever.  She has decent bone, very nice length of neck, moderate layback, good tail set & correct carriage.  


Her pedigree is full of outstanding producers and multipurpose Goldens that have been top competitors in their time and excelled in multiple venues. 

Cricket with be bred to OFTW Echobrook Dexster in Winter of 2023 and we are exitied about this pairing!

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