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Rio Soleil's Splash of Bubbly WC ETD CGN RA RATI RATS JH CD


Born May 2, 2020

Pedigree     OFA Clearances

Owned & loved by Kelsi Ruff, Co-owned Barb Loree


Information about Splash from her owner Kelsi Ruff: "Splash is from our Celebration Litter (Copper x Soleil) and she is a perfect combination of the two! Splash is a ball of fire that is ready for any adventure or game but will also happily curl up with you next to the fire to relax. Splash has been a pleasure to train in every sport we have tried. She is highly biddable, willing to work for anyone and loves to show what she can do. The desire to please is strong as her tail never stops wagging and she will problem solve and work through a challenge until she knows she is successful. I’m not sure if it’s from growing up with a cat or what but she is also a copycat and has surprised me many times by learning things just from watching her dam Soleil. Splash lives up to her name and loves anything to do with water, whether it be her water bowl or swimmable body of water. She happily swims circles, has an impressive water launch and also loves to dive and find treasures.


Splash has a strong desire to retrieve, hunt and find.  When doing these tasks she is very intense and never seems to tire. Her owner’s busy life has meant we haven’t got out to do as much field training as we would like but with the little she has picked it up easily.  Impulse control has been the main focus for a young dog with such intensity on the line. Another new game for both of us is Barn Hunt. She has naturally excelled in this sport with minimal training. Part of this is due to her willingness to work as a team with me. In the obedience ring, she demonstrated confidence at a young age and achieved multiple High in Class awards in both Obedience and Rally. She loves to show off all of her tricks and has earned her Expert Trick Dog title as well. Her favourite crowd pleaser she will show anyone with a blanket is Burrito (where she wraps herself up like a burrito). She is currently training for her SH, UD, and RATM. We hope to get back to trials in the new year to finish off her RE and CDX and apply for her Trick Dog Champion before her first breeding. 


Splash stands 22.5” and has a lean athletic build weighing 57lbs with a straight, lightly feathered, medium gold quick drying coat. She is well muscled, in excellent working condition and balanced overall. Splash has not shown any allergies, nor had any other health problems. Splash loves to socialize but similar to her sire Copper, operates under the work first, play later motto. She can run with other dogs and will happily share her home with them. As well, she easily adapts to new situations and routines. While wild at heart she recognizes when around kids or seniors and is able to match their energy level, after first giving a song and dance! Splash will be bred to Quihnn in Spring 2023. We are looking forward to this pairing!"  

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