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Rio's First Gin N Spirits JH WC

(HRCH UH Gallogold Classic Sensation CCA WC MH ** x Rio Ranch Coors Aspen Edge SH WC)

Born May 27, 2016

full pedigree on  k9data


     Gin is a super sweet talented hunting dog with high prey drive and very easy going gentle house companion.  She possesses a very soft mouth, a deep nose to find and retrieve down game and can hold a point on upland birds. Gin's prey drive and desire to hunt critters at the farm has given her a career as our "frog dog".  She would hunt all day, is super fast at catching critters, can dive under water and has caught litterally 100's of bull frogs.  With her soft mouth, never a critter or feather is harmed!!  She is a strong swimmer and takes to diving after ducks.  

     Gin is known for her super sweet temperament, she loves all other dogs and adores puppies and kids.  

     Gin also loves obedience and has beautiful movement when heeling.  She is a quick learner,  focussed, smart and fun to train using positive methods and attrition.  She wants to be right and tries hard but cannot handle unfair or tough corrections.  Gin will be the dog to get me into the obedience ring one day!

As a house companion she has always been super easy, always settles and is not needy.  She has a ton of heart combined with a super sweet personality.  

She has produced two exceptional litters and we look forward to watching her pups grow up.  They have excelled in the field, performance venues and many are training as hunting companions with great promise.  Gin is a wonderful dam to her pups.   

     Gin has a sweet Golden expression, pleasing head, medium eye and correct scissors bite, no missing teeth and very good pigment.  She stands 22 1/2 tall and weighs 60lb, is very muscled, in excellent working condition and jumps effortlessly.  She has excellent movement and trots effortlessly with very good foot timing, no roll, rock solid topline and is very balanced front and rear.  She carries a drip dry coat with slight wave, good undercoat and decent length of feathering for a hunting retriever.  She has good bone, very nice length of neck, moderate layback, good tail set & correct carraige.  


     Her pedigree is full of outstanding producers and multipurpose Goldens that have been top competitors in their time and excelled in multiple venues. 

    She has produced 2 wonderful litters; the Leap Litter and the Soda Litter.  Her pups are excelling in multiple venues and we are very excited to watch her pups grow up. 

Gin rooster retrieve 2
Gin w pups
gin frog titan
Gin frog dog
Gin and Dwight
Gin and her hen
Gin bday gr pheasant
Gin Rooster
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