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Riley & Cheers

Due January 29th, 2024

Emberain Better Believe It MH ***


Rio's Bottoms Up

This litter will be raised in PA by Riley's owner Sue Kecskemethy.

There are no puppy reservations available for this liter.

 Puppy pedigree on k9data 

For pictures, please browse through the album show below. 

We are thrilled to announce a repeat breeding with Riley and Cheers.  

The first litter tested out confident, bold, birdy and med-high energy pups with really nice structure and type.  (please see pics below)

Our goal for this breeding is to produce intelligent versatile retrievers that are structurally sound, athletic, biddable and wonderful family hunting companions that could compete in many performance venues including field, obedience, agility, tracking, SAR etc. 

Both Riley and Cheers have a lot to offer; focus, biddability, lots of drive to retrieve, strong water dogs, fun loving personalities and solid Golden temperaments.  Paired together, these should be some fun puppies for experienced homes.  The puppy pedigree has a very low inbreeding coefficient and is a wonderful blend of field and performance Goldens from two continents.    

About Riley...  (from his owner Sue Kecskemethy)
A dog of a lifetime that lived 15 years with a performance record that matched his temperament and marking ability which was OUTSTANDING!!
His performance career, one to be admired by many!  

  • He ran 9 derbies and accumulated 14 points, 1-1st, 2-2nd's, 1-3rd, 1-4th, 1-RJam, 2-Jams (in the ribbons in 8 out of 9 derbies!!)

  • He ran 4 Qualifying stakes and received 1-RJam and 3-Jams, again always in the ribbons.  

  • He ran only 15 ALL AGE stakes lifetime and accumulated 13 points with an All Breed Amateur 1st, an All Breed Open 2nd, 1 Amatuer Jam and he WON the Open at the GRCA 1995 National Specialty.  

  • He ran the 1994 National Amateur and went 5 series.  

  • He earned his AKC Master Hunter Title in 6 passes out of 6 attempts.

To sum up his performance career, the two words that invariably come to mind are courage and consistency.  He ran owner trained and handled against some of the top Field Trial dogs in the country and left big paw prints to fill. 
As to Riley's temperament and personality and health...

  • Healthy - Oustide of the sudden FCI onset he was in excellent health with no skin issues, hot spots or allergies.

  • Kind - There isn't a mean bone in his body or an aggressive thought in his head.

  • Amenable - He is the most willing dog I have ever known. He really wants to do the right thing no matter what the circumstances.

  • Confident - He is completely secure about himself, which allows him to live with a great sense of place.  He's a happy dog with a very positive outlook.

  • Loyal - One of my very greatest blessings is that despite his confidence in himself, he thinks that the sun really does rise and set on his owner.

  • Affectionate - He loves to be loved and to give back in return.

  • Mannerly - He is the perfect housedog- never would get up on any furntiture, never would help himself to anything on the kitchen counter.  He's calm and quiet in the house and welcomes visitors with great enthusiasm  but keeps all four on the floor.

  • Tractable- He learns quickly, his focus is good, his retention is good and he wants to learn.  He loves training and drills.

  • Dynamic - As a retriever and an outdoor dog his enthusiasm is boundless and he would go until he drops if you asked him to.  Stylish, quick pick-up, fast return and an immediate turn to the next bird.

  • And finally he loves every member of our family, adult or child, and has a solid happy relationship with each of our other dogs (male or female) even when the girls are in season. 

He was truly a remarkable animal, dearly missed.  Over and over I hear about the marvelous temperaments in his pups. 

About Cheers... (from her owner Sue Kecskemethy)

Cheers is a delight, always happy and enthusiastic.  Her energy and curiosity are unending and her desire to be a part of any and all activity is always present.  A handsome girl, she is a real pleasure to see with a lovely head, level topline and good angulation.  Plenty of bone and body soundness, good ear and tail set, a medium gold coat with moderate wave, dark eyes and dark pigmentation complete her look.  Not a large girl, she weighs 54 - 56 lbs and stands 20 3/4" at the withers.  Full dentition with a scissors bite, a completely clear genetic health record, "excellent hips", normal elbows, heart, thyroid and eyes are clear. 

Her temperament is outstanding with people and other dogs.  Cheers is good in the house with a wonderful off switch and from puppy hood has had an uncanny ability to know what is permissible and what is not without being told. She doesn't need constant attention however a half hour in my lap is always welcome.  Her devotion is unquestioned.  

Her Danish sire Vesterlyng's Token Of Clyde (Clyde's website page) brings unrelated and talented lines into her pedigree introducing important diversity and her breeder's careful and consistent breeding program continues to produce dogs related to Cheers that have exceptional temperament and workability.  Cheers dam, "Brew" (Brew's website page) is a perfect example of those attributes, and she continues to be a big puppy at heart at 11 years young.  

Cheers lack of titles and letters after her name does not at all describe her abilities.  Rather it tells the story of her owners' knees and the long delay in the effort to get new ones.  She is biddable, loves to work and is alert, intelligent and responsive to any type of training.  Most of her work has been in relation to hunting and field training.  She is fast, (very fast!) with a great pick up and speedy fast joyful return.  An excellent marker and strong swimmer she is always ready for more.  Birds are the best, but bumpers are also very welcome.   Some of Cheer's siblings have earned CKC MH *** & AKC MH **, WCX.  

I am very thankful, Cheers is a joy to have in my life, and I am excited to have the opportunity to breed a dog of her quality to Riley.    

We expect mentally and physically balanced puppies from this pairing.  With intelligence and great biddability these pups will be ready to play any game you wish to engage in - hunting, agility, obedience.  Good looking and moderate in build.  Correct coats, great bites, dark eyes and pigment.  

The Honey Litter - Riley & Cheers

Born June 5th, 2023 - Ryley, Skol & Rowdy.

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