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Jolly & Gin

December 2021

Kaliture Jolly Be Good


Rio's First Gin N Spirits JH WC


For pictures, please browse through the album show below.   Puppy pedigree on k9data 

We are thrilled to announce this planned breeding and thank Petra Golz from Germany for the opportunity to breed Gin to Jolly.  


Our goal for this breeding is to produce intelligent versatile retrievers that are structurally sound, athletic, biddable and wonderful family hunting companions that could compete in many performance venues including field, obedience, agility, tracking etc. , SAR. 

Both Jolly and Gin have a lot to offer, they are very focused, biddable, lots of drive to retrieve, strong water dogs, fun loving personalities and solid Golden temperaments.  Paired together, these should be some fun puppies for experienced homes, we are very excited!  The puppy pedigree has a very low inbreeding coefficient and is a wonderful blend of  field and performance Goldens from two continents.    


Information about Jolly from his owner Petra; " Jolly is everyone's best friend and a very balanced biddable retriever.  He really has the sweetest character I have ever met in a Golden.  He's happy with everything, playful and sensible without being soft.  He is very confident and has no dominance towards people or other dogs.  Jolly has a wonderful temperament and at home he's a joy to live with.  He lives with three other males, a female and our daughter in the house. Outside he's not interested in other dogs because of his work ethic, it's much more important for him to work with his humans. He learns very quickly and works efficiently, very fast and very stylish.  In the field he's focused with amazing game finding ability.  Right from the start he showed stable calmness when retrieving / picking up at tests and trials. At the age of two he passed his first Field Trial with "excellent" and the 4th place.  Jolly is biddable, honest and very eager to please. He works well in all grounds and loves water.  It's always a pleasure to work with him, training or at tests.  


Judged at Show: Excellent
Very friendly male with with lively temperament, good size, typical head and expression, dark eyes, flowing length of neck and shoulder, strong outline, excellent lay back of shoulder and good upper arm, well spring of ribs and deep chest, excellent angulated in hindquarters, correct bone, nice coat and condition, moves parallel and with drive, very well presented!

Character test, JPR, BLP (hunting tests), 800 meters tracking, Working tests novice, Cold Game test novice, Novice FT with excellent.  For more information on Jolly visit Culham Golden Retriever FB page.  

Jolly training Water Blind 2018

Gin is a very athletic, strong hunting retriever measuring just shy of 22.5" at the withers and weighing 64 pounds. She lives to hunt and her speed and marking is fun to watch.  More information on Gin can be found on Gin's Page on this website.  


Jolly's Clearances DRC Website &  Gin's Clearances OFA Website

Both Jolly and Gin have Hip Clearances - Jolly FCI AI & Gin OFA Good.  Both have Normal Elbow screenings with FCI or OFA, Normal Eye Exams within 12 months (Gin cleared eyes in July 2021 and it will be updated on OFA), Normal Heart clearances, Normal thyroid function, not on any medications, no skin allergies, seizures or other auto-immune disorders.  Genetics; Both Jolly & Gin are NCL Clear,  ICT Clear, PRA-Prcd Clear, PRA-1 Clear, PRA-2 Clear, DM Clear.  

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