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Fig & Diamond

May 2022

Rio's Scenter Stage SH **


Watersedge Neversink Something To Celebrate JH

For more information please visit Watersedge Golden Retriever Website - this litter will be raised in Dallas, TX.  Contact Laura Weinmann

 Puppy pedigree on k9data 

Diamond has been bred to Fig and puppy ultrasound to confirm pregnancy is April 8th, we will post when pregnancy is confirmed!  This is a performance litter and preference will be given to performance and working homes.  We expect puppies to go home in early to mid July. 

Fig is a wonderful boy who earned a Derby JAM at the 2016 GRCA National.  He has passes toward his Master title in the US.  He resides in Canada - so finishing his US title has been a bit difficult.  We have had the pleasure to hunt over both Fig and his parents and they are all solid upland dogs.  We have run hunt tests and done tower shoots with his Uncle Diego and he is a solid performer every time he steps to the line.  We have also spent time with his other uncle, Remy.  Remy is quite possibly the hardest running retriever we have ever seen.  We like to breed to boys we really know not just ones who look good on paper or in pictures - Fig is a dog we know which helps us understand what the pairing will produce.  

We expect mentally and physically balanced puppies from this pairing.  These puppies will be ready to play any game you wish to engage in - hunting, agility, obedience.  Good looking and moderate in build.  Correct coats, great bites, dark eyes and pigment.  

Pictures of Fig can be found on his co-owner's website .  He has sired 2 litters and his offspring are starting their performance careers with 3 already earning Master Hunt passes.

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