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Baker & Prada

Due March 31st, 2024

NOC2 OTCH15 High Times Shake 'N Bake UDX9 OGM SH WCX OS


Rio Sodamn Devilish At Pawzup

This litter will be raised in Calgary, AB with Prada's owner Jill Brown, Pawzup Goldens. 

Puppy reservations are available, preference is given to obedience, performance, hunt test, field, hunting and performance homes.  

 Puppy pedigree on k9data 

 Contact Jill Brown

For pictures, please browse through the album show below. 

About Baker from his owner Kori Bevis... Baker is an extremely focused and intelligent boy who is always ready to go and do whatever we are doing that day. He is very smart and biddable and learns new skills and behaviors very easily, always with enthusiasm! This boy loves to work! He also is very communicative with us, as far as what he wants. At a young age he learned to offer behaviors to earn rewards, and on his own he extended that to communicate to us things that he wants to do or see in life. He has used his offered behavior communication to tell me that he wants to see something on the table, and to tell me when another dog has to go outside! He really wants to be involved with whatever it is that I am doing and seeks engagement with me often. At home he likes to sleep in the narrow space underneath the bed and gives me “hugs” by pressing his head and shoulders underneath my chin.

Baker has a natural confidence and presence. His confidence really shines in new environments; everywhere he has ever gone, he acts like he has been there every day of his life. He takes it all in stride and has never been nervous going new places. These qualities have combined to make Baker an outstanding obedience competitor. His accomplishments speak for themselves as he is the first and only dog to win all three major AKC obedience tournaments, and he did so within a year’s time.

     • 2022 AKC National Obedience Championship - 1st place

     • 2022 AKC Classic Master’s Division - 1st place • 2023 Westminster Obedience Masters Championship - 1st place

     • 2023 AKC National Obedience Championship - 1st place

He is focused and consistent, always performing with the “utmost in willingness and enjoyment” at all times. He has been a complete joy to train and show, as in the show ring he always acts just like himself, not stressing up or down.

Baker never saw a duck or a mark until he was almost 3 years old. I decided I wanted to try something new with field training, as I had never put any AKC field titles on a dog. Baker saw his first bird and first mark in May of 2017 and with only my amateur training he easily completed his JH in August of that year in 4 straight passes. When COVID hit I decided to go back to the pursuit of more field titles as they were an outdoor activity we could do. I started training Baker myself (no professional work, just my amateur skills) for his SH in April 2020, and again he easily earned his SH in August 2020 in 4 straight passes. He has a special passion and enjoyment for field training, with a big water entry and lots of speed and style. I have been told he is very “watery” and I have no doubt he could have obtained his MH if his owner had the time and resources! Several of his puppies are already excelling at advanced field training.

Baker is naturally very athletic and conformationally balanced. He is a natural athlete and easily builds and carries a lot of muscle. He is 22” at the withers and 52 lbs, correct bite and full dentition. He is known for his joyful “smile” and dark almond-shaped eyes. He has a darker reddish-golden working coat that is flat and dense with some feathering. Baker’s pedigree is full of long-lived champion working dogs who excel in fieldwork and obedience. His parents and grandparents all lived to be 13 or older, several to 15 and 16 years old. Notably, his mother Saucy won the AKC National Obedience Championship in 2014, and his littermate sister Juice won the event in 2021. With Baker winning in 2022 and 2023, they are the only siblings who have both won the NOC, made even more special since their mother won also.

Baker became a GRCA Outstanding Sire quickly with his first two litters. His puppies are already excelling in obedience, agility, field, and nosework. This dog is “one in a million” and I wish I could have him over and over again for the rest of my life.


Prada is from our Soda Litter, Remy & Gin. Remy is a force to be reckoned with in the field and has retrieved 1000's of ducks over his career. He is still a big 13 year old puppy with lots of energy.  Visit Remy's page on our website.  Her dam Gin is an amazing hunter, loves to be in the water all day long and absolute sweetheart.  Visit Gin's page on our website. 

About Prada from her owner Jill Brown... Prada is a wonderful dog and I feel blessed to have her in my life.  She is a very social dog and loves to be where the fun is happening.   Her favorite place to be is on my lap.
She is a smart, very fast and has a great sense of humor.  She is always game to try anything I ask of her, and she does so with gusto!  Prada loves to have something in her mouth and isn’t picky about whether it’s a toy, pajamas, shoes, dumbbells or birds. (she has a very soft mouth).  She is a talker but not much of a barker.  Prada is a compact girl with a nice amount of bone, standing 22” and weighing 56 lbs.  She is medium gold in color and carries a thick wash and wear coat with nice feathering without a lot of length. She is well balanced with a nice front and rear assembly. She has a level topline, and a proper ear and tail set. She has a dark eye, scissor bite and full dentition. Her pigment does tend to lighten up in the winter. She has a clear genetic panel, Good Hips, normal elbows, heart and eyes.  She has an amazing temperament with all animals and people.
Prada has good drive and energy, with a perfect off switch. While she would usually prefer to be doing active things, she is comfortable just hanging out as well. She is a strong fast swimmer and will happily get in the water just to paddle around. Throw something for her to fetch just makes it that much better.  Prada’s lack of titles is no reflection on her talent or her desire to work, it is more of an indication of the fact that I was truly just enjoying her as a dog and wasn’t in any rush to compete with her. I have no doubt the titles will come easily after she’s finished raising puppies.

                                                                   BAKER                                                 PRADA

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